How do I choose an in-ground liner pattern for my pool?

How do I choose an in-ground liner pattern for my pool? With our wide selection of styles and colors, we get this question often. By following these steps, you should be able to narrow down the choices to the one you like the best.

1- Consider color scheme.

Start with a color scheme you find pleasing. Choose from blue and gray; blue and green; blue and brown; earth tones; green or tan.. It’s what you find pleasing that counts.

2- Consider tone.

Narrow your focus by deciding whatever your color scheme looks better in lighter shades, medium shades or darker shades. There is a color and a shade for everyone.

3- Consider design elements.

Now you can narrow your focus by deciding whcih design elements you find to be most pleasing. Do you prefer large diamonds, mosaics, vines or perhaps a fun motif such as Elliot the fish?

4- Consider floor patterns.

Finally, choose a floor pattern. Do you prefer river pebbles, water reflections or granites?

Remember, all of our patterns are winning designs, so select the one you like the best. You can also see all of our in-ground liner patterns installed in actual pools.  Just go to our website and click on any pattern or hit the Pattern Viewer button.


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