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How do I replace my bungee-style cover with a safety cover?

When a dealer replaces any existing safety cover, he wants to match as many anchors as possible. This will minimize the number of new holes he has to drill into the deck. Please check out our effortless anchor matching service at It is, however, much more challenging to match your anchors when replacing a bungee-style cover. These […]

Should I buy a safety cover for my pool?

As summer winds down and pools begin to close, we recommend installing a safety cover on your pool. By winterizing your pool with a safety cover, you keep your liner out of the sun and chlorine-free for many months which can greatly extend the life of your liner. One important tip is to make sure […]

Can a safety cover be designed for my vinyl-liner pool with custom features?

Can a safety cover be designed for my vinyl-liner pool with custom features? The answer is yes – our safety covers can be designed to fit almost any pool, regardless of shape or size. We can also design the cover to accommodate custom features such as raised walls and rock formations as well as cutting around obstructions such […]

Is there a “best” method for winterizing my vinyl liner pool?

Every pool dealer has their own “best” method for winterizing vinyl liner pools.  It varies greatly by region, so I recommend going with whatever method your local dealer uses.  While there are several different types of Winterizing Kits, I think it’s always best to winterize without chlorine if you can.  Algaecide is not really necessary […]