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What are the black stains on the floor of my liner and how do I get rid of them?

If you have black or grey cloud-like stains on the floor of your in-ground vinyl liner, they are most likely caused by bacteria that is living in the ground under your pool.  Bacteria sometimes show up years after a pool has been installed.  We think the bacteria can be washed into your pool area by […]

Is it ok to put chlorine tablets in my skimmer instead of using a chlorine feeder?

The answer is yes, many people do just that, but you can get in trouble if you don’t run your pump runs 24 hours a day.  We would not recommend putting tablets in your skimmer if you operate your pool on a timer and you can also get in trouble if the power goes off. The chlorine tablets are concentrated […]

My vinyl liner pool is dirty. Can I drain the pool to make it easier to clean?

As a general rule, once a liner is installed, the pool should never be drained.  You may get away with it in the first few years but after that, the liner starts to lose its elasticity and you run the risk on the liner ripping or tearing when you try to refill the pool. This […]

What causes staining or discoloration of the vinyl below the water line?

While all stains are either mineral or organic, the most common cause of staining and discoloration of your liner below the water line is secretions by micro-organisms.  As these micro-organisms feed, they secrete dyes, which can be one of many colors that stain the vinyl.  Although these stains are unsightly, they in no way degrade […]

I have a stain on my vinyl liner. How can I tell if it is from algae or minerals?

This is a tough question. Below is a suggestion from one of the product engineers at the plant that makes the actual vinyl sheet. The following approach could be used to narrow down the possibilities; however, there is risk of damage to the print pattern and liner material in doing so. First, try direct contact […]