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Will the seams be visible when my new vinyl pool liner is installed?

Four years ago, we wrote a post about being able to see liner seams and you can click here to see what we said back then. Over the past four years, every supplier in the industry has worked to further minimize the appearance of their seams. Some have made adjustments to the traditional welding methods […]

Are there any new patterns for the 2014 season?

We are excited to share our new patterns for 2014. For 2014, we are introducing six new diverse and winning patterns. The six new patterns include three new tile borders and two floors. Four patterns are on the ever-popular water reflections floor. The new patterns are Fraser, Johnston, Alexander, Hamilton, Barclay, and Leslie. Click here […]

What does 20 mil mean?

When it’s time to replace the liner in your pool, you will most likely hear the term mil as it relates to the thickness of a liner. A mil is a unit of measurement that is equal to one thousandth of an inch. Therefore, a 20 mil liner is equal to 20 thousandths of an […]

How many years before I will need to replace my liner?

The average life expectancy of an in-ground pool liner is about seven years. Proper maintanence and attention to pH and chlorine levels will help maximize the life of your liner. The addition of a safety cover during the off-season will also help. Liners are just like the tires for your car or the shoes for […]

What exactly is textured vinyl for steps?

There are two choices for using the same floor pattern to cover steps – textured vinyl or the floor material without the texture. The textured vinyl material for steps is new and matches the floor pattern of the pool. The textured vinyl has a raised, pebbly texture which allows for more of a grip-feel. This […]

I’m really tempted to buy my in-ground pool liner online — How much trouble can I get into?

There are lots of things that make sense to buy online, but an inground pool liner is not one of them. Our best advice is always to choose a local swimming pool contractor who you can hire to measure, install and stand behind the purchase of your new inground vinyl pool liner. If you choose […]

Are there any new patterns for the 2013 season?

We are excited to share our new patterns for 2013. For 2013, we are introducing seven gorgeous, winning, and diverse new patterns. “Spence” is printed on gray vinyl with a gray bead. Carmichael is our first exclusive 27 mil tan pattern. We are also introducing a number of great looking earth tones. There are also […]

Can I buy an in-ground liner for my above-ground pool?

Can I buy an in-ground liner for my above-ground pool? This question comes up throughout the season. The answer is yes you could, but we strongly do not recommend this for several reasons. The main reason is that an above-ground pool wall is not designed to handle the weight of an in-ground liner. In-ground liners are […]

Can I order a solid color liner without a tile border or a print floor?

Can I buy a solid color liner? This question comes up regularly throughout the season. You can buy a solid color, but we would strongly recommend you do not. From a cosmetic standpoint, a solid color liner will show every spec of dirt or debris that a print liner will not. Solid color liners also […]

Are there any new patterns for this season?

We are excited to share our new patterns for 2012. For 2012, we have 5 new patterns. “Hawthorne” is a dark blue version of our “Morrison” pattern. “Hunter” combines earth tones and blue tones on a water reflections floor. “Abbott” and “Collier” each have a slate tile pattern, one in blue and one in tan. […]